Brand Identity

Technology over technique produces emotionless design.

Reputation Management

The power of story is profound. A well crafted story has the ability to change minds, challenge ideas and create reputation. Tell an audience what you believe to be true and paint a picture of possibility, and you engage their imagination; your audience moves from passive listener to active participant, and your story becomes theirs. In the most simplistic of terms – What you say defines who you are. How you say it determines who will listen and how they will engage.

Too often organizations mistakenly view the building and nurturing of their reputation in the simplistic terms of a mass-produced public relations program, relegating their unique voice to technical data points, template press releases and aimless pitches. At Web Design of Minneapolis, we work with leaders and their teams to reach beyond template-based communication and teach them how to develop, protect and manage their story to ensure a persuasive and valuable reputation. It’s called Reputation Management and it’s what we do for our clients every day.